Phytoplasma Universal Detection

DryADD™ series is dried life-science reagent which is using new drying technology as a concept “from Labo to Field”. It is stable at room temperature, no need for refrigerated shipping or storage realization of the diagnostics suitable for the on-site testing. You can bring DryADD™ “from Labo to Field”.

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Phytoplasma Universal Detection LAMP Kit
DR0201 48 tests inquiry

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DryADD™ technology is original method which is developed by Nippon Gene Material.
It makes possible;

▪ Shipping and storage at room temperature No need of refrigerator and dry ice
▪ All-in-one dried reagent in a tube No need of preparation of reaction mixture
Easy and simple
Reduce contamination risk and human error

phytoplasma universal detection kit

DryADD™ Phytoplasma Universal Detection LAMP Kit offers detection of all Phytoplasma in the class Mollicutes inclusively from plant samples using Loop-mediated Isothermal Amplification (LAMP) method. In this kit, a part of Phytoplasma DNA amplifies using LAMP method, and infection of Phytoplasma can be judged if the amplification occurs or not.

The operation needed for the test is extremely easy, simply to mix the DNA extract from plant sample with the test solution (dissolved Phytoplasma Detection Dry Reagent), and keep the solution at 64 degrees Celsius for 60 minutes.

For detection of DNA amplification, this kit utilizes visual inspection of fluorescence emitted from the solution after the whole reaction, so that the DNA amplification and detection can be done in one closed tube. Therefore, the amplification of Phytoplasma DNA can be detected safely in a short period of time.

What’s Phytoplasma

 Hydrangea Infected with hydrangea phyllody disease Caused by Phytoplasma

Phytoplasmas are plant pathogenic bacteria hosting on the phloem of plants, which were first discovered in Japan, 1967. They infect over 700 plant species worldwide, cause numerous symptoms as yellows, stunt, dwarf, proliferation, phyllody, witches’ broom, and are transmitted by insect vectors to many economically important crops, fruit trees and ornamental plants.

In order to prevent the devastating damage to the plant, it is necessary to provide effective means for controlling Phytoplasma such as removal of infected plant. However, since Phytoplasma is difficult to cultivate, it has not been provided the convenient way to diagnose the Phytoplasma infection. This kit can detect Phytoplasma inclusively, with no means of difficult operation such as conventional culture methods.

About LAMP (Loop-mediated Isothermal Amplification) Method

LAMP (Loop-mediated Isothermal Amplification) method allows the whole reaction process, including denaturing, to proceed at a constant temperature in an incubator. Thermal cycling machine is not needed for this kit.

Please refer to the homepage of Eiken Chemical Co., Ltd. about the detailed principle of LAMP method.


Kit components

DryADD™ Phytoplasma Universal Detection LAMP Kit (48 tests)
Component contents Storage temperature
Instruction Manual 1 booklet -
Phytoplasma Detection Dry Reagent 48 tubes (8 well x 6 strips) room temperature
Phytoplasma Reagent Dissolve Solution 400 µl x 6 tubes
Phytoplasma Extraction Solution 1 ml x 48 tubes
Phytoplasma Positive Control 6 tubes
Phytoplasma Control Dissolve Solution 400 µl x 1 tubes
Phytoplasma Negative Control 400 µl x 6 tubes
Mineral Oil 400 µl x 6 tubes

How to use (In case of Coconut palm as specimen)

* Please do not proceed all procedure at the same time, carry out each process in order of A → B → C.

Step A: Preparation of DNA sample

coconut wood chip (0.005g)

coconut wood chip (0.005g)

A-1. Take out the required number of Phytoplasma Extraction Solution tube.

A-2. Scale 0.005 g of coconut wood chip from stem and soak it completely in Phytoplasma Extraction Solution.

A-3. Invert to mix upside down, then incubate the microtube at 95˚C for 10 minutes.

A-4. Invert to mix upside down, then cool with water to room temperature (the solution obtained is DNA sample).

Step B: Preparation of Phytoplasma positive control solution

B-1. Take out one of Phytoplasma positive control tube.

B-2. Add 10 µl of Phytoplasma Control Dissolve Solution.

B-3. After spinning down, leave it at room temperature for 5 minutes.

B-4. After vortexing, spin down the tubes (Phytoplasma Positive Control Solution).

Step C: Preparation of test solution and LAMP reaction

C-1. Take out the required number of Phytoplasma Detection Dry Reagent.

C-2. Add 23 µl of Phytoplasma Reagent Dissolve Solution to each tube.

C-3. Add 2 µl of sample, close the cap, and spin down.

C-4. After 2 minutes, overlay with 20 µl of Mineral Oil.

C-5. Incubate test tube at 64˚C for 60 minutes (test reaction).

C-6. Terminate the reaction at 80˚C for 2 minutes.

C-7. Judgment

Video about how to use DryADD™ Phytoplasma Universal Detection LAMP Kit

Data sheet


DryADD™ Phytoplasma Universal Detection LAMP Kit Manual (PDF)

SDS (Safety Data Sheet)

DryADD™ Phytoplasma Universal Detection LAMP Kit Safety Data Sheet (PDF)

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Eiken Chemical Co., Ltd. owns the patent right for execution of Loop-mediated Isothermal Amplification. Nippon Gene Material Co., Ltd. has been granted the license to develop, manufacture and sell the kit for Phytoplasma detection.

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